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What are direct objects? How can you find them?
May 09, 2017

May 9, 2017

Alice ran her first lemonade stand this weekend. After initially wanting to charge $500 a glass, she settled on 25 cents. All of our amazing neighbors came over, and it turned into a neighborhood party. (See a picture of her stand in the Grammar Time section.)
English Grammar Revolution
In this week's grammar lesson, we're covering direct objects.

You'll learn what question to ask in order to find a direct object, you'll see how they're diagrammed, and you'll get a chance to identify direct objects in sentences.

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Elizabeth O'Brien

My husband thinks I am crazy, but I am really enjoying learning about grammar and teaching it to my children. Thank you. It is something that I have worried about doing, and your materials have made it understandable and fun. You are inspiring.

- Rachel

The Direct Object

Are you familiar with direct objects (DOs)? You will be by the end of this lesson! But before we dive into the wonderful world of direct objects, you need to have a little lesson on action verbs.

Some action verbs don't use any other words to complete their meaning.

The book fell.

The flower bloomed.

Some action verbs do use other words to complete their meaning.

The boy kicked the ball.

Alice poured lemonade.

Do you see how ball and lemonade complete the meaning...

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English Grammar Revolution
Are you a teacher? Feel free to use this as a lesson plan in your classroom!

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