Grammar Revolution Documentary

The Grammar Revolution documentary will change the way you think about grammar. Join two former teachers as they explore grammar and grammar instruction. Why is grammar a controversial subject? Why has it faded out of many schools?

Hear from teachers, students, grammarians, CEOs, and linguists, and discover why grammar is an important subject that needs to be reconsidered, reconceived, and revived.

Featuring Bryan Garner, Noam Chomsky, Grammar Girl, Steven Pinker, Richard Lederer, Geoffrey Nunberg, John McWhorter, and more!

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This film is enriching and energizing.

- Liz

I just finished watching, and I must say that it was more comprehensive, thought-provoking, and inspiring than I could have ever imagined.

Congratulations on a fine, fine film!

- Sue

If you have any interest in language, education, or the state of today's culture, I think you'll find this documentary insightful and inspiring!

- Luc

I highly recommend this fascinating documentary about grammar.

- Wende

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