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Answering a reader's question
December 19, 2017

December 19, 2017

I remember when Alice was Lenora's age and we tried to have her sit with Santa. She cried and wouldn't let go of me. Lenora did the same thing this year, so we all jumped into the picture next to Santa. As you can see, she was fine with that.

O'Brien Family Santa

In today's lesson, I'm answering a reader's question about compound and complex sentences.

I remember struggling with the same question when I was learning grammar, and I'll bet that some of you have struggled with it too.

Happy Learning,

Elizabeth O'Brien

P.S. I wish you a very happy and safe holiday. I'll see you again in the new year!

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Complex Sentences & Compound Sentences: 

How to Tell the Difference

    Dear Elizabeth,

    How can I help children correctly divide complex and compound sentences into independent and subordinate clauses?

    I washed my hands before I ate breakfast.

    Some students divide this sentence into two parts ("I washed my hands" and "I ate breakfast") and ask me why these two clauses can't be treated as clauses of equal rank. They wonder why the sentence is complex and not compound.

    Is there a simple way to teach this?

    - Udaya, English Teacher

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