"I'm finally learning grammar with these English grammar lessons!"

Elizabeth O'Brien

Hello! I'm Elizabeth O'Brien, and my goal is to get you jazzed about grammar. 

"I'm finally learning grammar with
these English grammar lessons!"

In these video English grammar lessons, I'll walk you through every step until you...

Feel Confident About Basic Grammar

Darn! This course is no longer available. Check out the Get Smart course for the best way to learn grammar!

Whether you've already tried to learn grammar or you are struggling with where to start, you're faced with the same question:

"How do I learn grammar quickly with the least amount of pain?"

With these video English grammar lessons, I'll teach you the fundamentals of grammar in under three hours!

This straightforward, easy-to-follow video course will allow you to learn basic grammar in the comfort of your home.

Sit back in your pajamas with a cup of hot chocolate and watch these English grammar lessons!

You'll be able to immediately watch or download the videos right from home.

I'm confident now that I can teach my children the eight parts of speech and how to diagram them! Your presentation really makes sense to me and my 9th grader. Thank you.

- Nikki Nixon, Homeschool Teacher, Texas
Your video course has been a life-saver. My classed LOVED your videos! I was able to download your videos immediately and use them in class the next day. I had plenty of time to review the video so that I knew how to pace myself in class. THANKS Elizabeth!

- Cyn Johnson, ESL Teacher, Bolivia

Do You Hate Grammar?

I'm pretty chipper about grammar these days, but that wasn't always the case.

In grade school, junior high, and high school, grammar was presented to me as a mess of confused ideas. Teachers were "teaching" me about gerunds, and I had no idea what nouns were.

I worked hard, but I was left in a constant state of confusion. I left high school thinking that grammar was inaccessible to me.

During college, I had to take a grammar class, which I was not looking forward to. I was actually secretly dreading the class.

But, the class turned out to be amazing!

Because of the logical presentation of the material and the visual sentence diagrams that we studied (I'm a visual learner), I was able to earn a great grade and, more importantly, understand grammar. (Hooray!)

By the end of the semester, I was enjoying grammar and relishing the pride that comes with conquering a worthy adversary. (My worthy adversary was grammar.)

I'm so grateful to have found your site and purchased your grammar course! I'm an adult student returning to college and am finding your refresher has enlightened my knowledge so much.

- Malinda, Adult Student
With this course, I am starting to understand grammar for the first time. Elizabeth carefully walks us through each lesson so that every part is easy to understand.

- Daniel Wisehart, Engineer, California
I like that this course clearly covers the basics. Too many grammar books go into so much detail that they confuse students before the students have mastered the basics.

- Sharon Underwood, Teacher, Georgia

How Can You Learn Grammar?

1. Learn the eight parts of speech.

The English language has thousands of words that can be made into an unlimited number of sentences.

Grammar is the set of rules for properly constructing every one of them.

The key to start understanding grammar is learning that there are only eight parts of speech and that all words can be organized into those eight groups.

You don't have to know a billion things; you just have to know these eight categories.

2. Learn how to diagram sentences.

Sentence diagrams illustrate how all of the parts of a sentence are related.

While diagramming, you're constantly reviewing the eight parts of speech and learning about sentence structure.

Oh, and you'll even enjoyed it. Diagramming sentences is like solving a word puzzle.

This video course teaches you the same critical information that helped me understand grammar for the first time in my life.

check The Parts of Speech

check Basic Sentence Diagramming

My son and I began the course yesterday, and we've already gained a better understanding of grammar than we had all year. I've spent years trying to find a solution to our grammar class that would not bore me to tears. If I'm bored, I can't teach my son. Last night, I literally hated to leave the computer because of your materials. We are even going to have a grammar lesson on Saturday! I hated English grammar, and you have made even ME love it.

- Maria Nielsen, Homeschooler and Blogger

Check It Out

Here is a sample of the course.

This clip contains excerpts of the section on linking verbs.

* You can see a few more sample clips if you scroll down!

Your Basic English Grammar Lessons Package

Online Grammar Lessons


check  17 videos ranging from two minutes to twenty minutes each

check  Nine of the videos teach you the eight parts of speech

check  Eight of the videos teach you basic sentence diagramming

check  Watch the videos online or download them onto your computer

check  Approximately two and a half hours of instruction

check  Move at your own pace

check  Downloadable PDF workbook that follows the parts of speech videos

check  Downloadable PDF sentence diagramming practice worksheet and answer key

check  Clear instructions for getting started

check  Immediate access to all of this information

check  An enthusiastic and smiley teacher conjunctions

check  A 100% Money-Back Guarantee (If you don't like it, I don't want your money!)

I'll teach you everything you need to understand basic grammar.

With these video English grammar lessons, you get two and a half hours of instruction as well as handouts and materials to help you along for only $67!
The course is wonderful -- clearly, concisely, thoughtfully, and enthusiastically delivered! It was very straightforward and clear. It is very convenient to have a teacher whom we can actually see and hear, in the comfort of our home! I thought it beneficial to be able to go at our own pace. We could stop and start, and review the videos as needed. I am able to have a professional teacher explain grammar concepts and sentence diagramming to my child - and to me! This is a unique and creative educational product!

- Margaret Chen, Mom & Homeschool Instructor, Iowa
My son Chris has started your program, and he loves it! We do one video per day and then he does the PDF workbook. After that he does a written narration of what he learned, and he loves it. He can't wait to start the diagramming section. Grammar is an area of weakness for him so I am quite impressed by his understanding, processing, and retention thus far. The videos really help him.

- Tracey Desrochers, Homeschooler

You'll Love These Video English Grammar Lessons -
The Smarty-Pants Guarantee

I'm so sure that you are going to turn into a smarty-pants* after going through this course that I'll give you all of your money back if you don't.

* (But please don't be a snooty smarty-pants. Be a nice smarty-pants.)

If you don't love these English grammar lessons for any reason, I will give you a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.

That's right. I'm offering you a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Now you have no excuses!

Here is an excerpt from the section on interjections:

Here is an excerpt from the section on adjectives:

Here is an excerpt from the section on diagramming adverbs:

I teach in a small academy comprised of middle school boys who are all war refugees from around the world. I have found the visuals of diagramming to be invaluable for their learning.

- Shawnee, Teacher, Georgia

Elizabeth O'Brien is the creator of the Grammar Revolution step-by-step grammar and sentence diagramming programs. Her programs are guaranteed to not only teach you grammar, but to also give you more confidence in your communication skills.

Elizabeth O'Brien from Grammar Revolution

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