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Gift Ideas For Anyone Who Enjoys Writing & Reading

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Gift Ideas For Anyone Who
 Enjoys Writing & Reading

Here's a list of simple gift ideas for anyone on your list who enjoys writing and reading. I hope this guide gives you a few gift ideas for the teachers, kids, book-lovers, and writers on your list! Everything on this list is under $30, and I've included the following suggested ages for each idea. 

Adults (18+ years)

Teens (13-18 years)

Tweens (9-12 years)

Kids (3-8 years)

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Personal Library Kit 

Aside from being nostalgic and whimsical, this gift is practical. This is for the people in your life who can't remember where their copy of Pride and Prejudice went or who last borrowed The Lord of the Rings. This system ensures that books "checked out" from a personal library are recorded and returned. 

This is also a good fit for children who enjoy pretending. Kids can gather their books and play librarian. 

For Adults, Tweens, & Kids

Address Book & Postcards

Emails are great, but nothing beats a handwritten note sent through the mail. I love getting personal mail, and so do my kids. 

This is a good gift for eager young writers, since it encourages them to record addresses and send out handwritten postcards.

For Adults, Teens, Tweens, & Kids

Writer's Thesaurus

This guide for writers is a "browsable source of inspiration" and an "authoritative guide to selecting and using vocabulary." I ordered this as a gift to myself this year. You're allowed to order your own gifts, right?

For Adults & Teens

Library Card Tote Bag & Socks

Who remembers the days before digital library checkout systems? I do! Here are two cute gifts for the reader or teacher on your list. 

For Adults

Flashlight & Book

There's something magical about curling up in bed and entering the world of a book with the light of a flashlight. Here are a few book suggestions:

Where The Wild Things Are (Ages 2+)

Frog and Toad Storybook Treasury (Ages 4+)

The Cricket in Times Square (Ages 6+)

The Trumpet of the Swan (Ages 8+)

For Tweens & Kids

The Art of Cursive Handwriting

This workbook will help you teach yourself to write in cursive. I have one for my 6-year-old daughter, who is very interested in writing, and I also have one for myself! I find it meditative to turn on relaxing music and enter a world where I'm entirely focused on how I'm moving my pencil.

For Adults, Teens, Tweens, & Kids

Storage Clipboard & Colorful Pens

This is for anyone on your list who still likes to write with a pen and paper. As you probably know, I like to diagram sentences. This clipboard gives me a place to store papers, and the pens let me color-code my sentence diagrams.

This is also a good fit for children who can't yet write, but who enjoy coloring. What child doesn't want her own personal storage clipboard and markers?

For Adults, Teens, Tweens & Kids

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If anyone on your list enjoys reading or writing on a device, these glasses will save their eyes. I have two pairs for myself, and I gave a pair to my husband last year. They help prevent headaches and strained eyes when you have to look at a screen for extended periods of time.

For Adults & Teens 

You can also find these for kids

Sentence Diagramming Exercises Book

Once you understand how to diagram sentences, you'll possess a powerful tool that can assist you in your writing and reading comprehension throughout your entire life. That's a worthy gift! This book teaches step-by-step diagramming and covers words, phrases, and clauses. I wrote this book, so you can also order it from our website here

For Adults, Teens, & Tweens

Book-Themed Zipper Pouches

These 9" x 6" book-themed zipper pouches can hold pencils, pens, and other writing supplies. They have many designs to choose from. 

For Adults, Teens, Tweens, & Kids

Read With Me Book Group

Bonus Idea

Tell them about this free book group. They can enjoy classical literature with the help of an enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide who will read the works out loud and offer guidance for understanding the storylines. I made a video about it here so that you can see how it works. 

I hope you enjoyed these gift ideas for anyone on your list who enjoys writing and reading! Thank you for being a part of the Grammar Revolution! 

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