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Interview with Grammarman

The World's First & Only Grammar Superhero

Grammarman I have never interviewed a superhero, so when I found Grammarman, I just had to interview him.

Grammarman is "the world's first and only grammar superhero."

When he was only a baby, he was sent to Earth by his people, the Librarians. He lives in Verbo city, and his task is to defend the English language from the many enemies of grammar.

Along with his two sidekicks, Alpha-bot and Syntax, he fights villains like Sammy Colon, Uncle Uncountable, Interrupter, and Anna Gramme.

You can read about Grammarman's adventures on his website, and you can also find Grammarman on Facebook.

1. Grammarman, why do you think it is important for people to learn grammar?

Well it’s possible to learn English without learning English grammar, but learning the grammar helps us master the language more quickly.

Grammar acts as a kind of system, guide or framework for all the words and phrases we learn. The rules of grammar help us to use those words accurately.

I wouldn’t say that grammar is the most important aspect of learning a language, but it’s certainly helpful.

2. What inspired you to become a superhero?

My destiny was decided when I was an infant. Chosen by my doomed people to be rocketed backwards through time, I am the keeper of knowledge, the last Librarian.

Defending the English language from the never-ending tide of careless mistakes is what I was born to do.

3. Did you have to go through any special training to become the defender of proper grammar?

Yes. As I hurtled backwards through time, and across the galaxy to my adoptive home, Earth, I grew from an infant to an adult. During that long journey the ship’s computer tutored me in everything I would need to know.

Grammarman 4. You fight many criminals who espouse poor grammar. Your nemesis, Wrongo, is the only villain whom you have never caught. What kind of crimes does Wrongo commit?

It could be anything, which is what makes it so hard to predict what he’ll get up to next.

Wrongo is usually the brains behind a crime, and he often secures the services of lower level mischief makers to do his dirty work. Most recently he orchestrated a brazen prison break, resulting in the escape of some of Verbo City’s most notorious grammar villains.

5. You fight all kinds of grammatical errors. Do you have any pet peeves?

English grammar can be a real headache for students.

Some rules have to be reviewed many times before they are mastered. Making errors is simply a part of that process.

My only real peeve is carelessness. Carelessness opens the door to bad grammar.

6. People from Canada to Thailand enjoy reading about your adventures. How do most of your fans use your comics? 

Readers can enjoy the comics on two levels. Firstly, each story can be read simply as a comic adventure. However, at the end of each comic, I ask eagle-eyed readers to help in solving a grammar-related puzzle. All the clues are there in the story, and the reader’s challenge is to read the comic a second time searching for the solution.

7. Random Question: Are you planning on dressing up for Halloween, or will you be working?Grammarman

I need to be on standby. Halloween is a busy time for Superheroes.

Alpha-bot, Syntax and I will be enjoying a horror movie double bill at the Vocabu-lair: Scream followed by An American Werewolf in London and plenty of seasonal snacks.

8. Is there anything that I haven't asked you about that you think is important or worth talking about?

I’d just like to remind citizens to be alert. Bad grammar is like a terminator robot – it can strike anywhere and at any time. Stay vigilant!
Elizabeth O'Brien from Grammar Revolution

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