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General Questions

When should I start teaching my child/my students grammar?

The best time to teach grammar and sentence diagramming is after a child has mastered the skill of reading and is comfortable with the act of writing (not the art of writing, but the actual act of holding a pencil). 

For most children, this happens somewhere around 3rd grade. However, even 3rd grade can be premature for some students. By 5th grade, the majority of students should be ready. 


This is a general guideline and can be changed on a case-by-case basis. It all depends on the level of your student(s). 

My friend homeschools her 6-year-old, and she is going through the Get Smart program with him. He loves it. She teaches him the lessons, and then she writes sentences for him to diagram on a small white board. He enjoys making the diagrams look nice on the whiteboard. With modifications like this, you can bring grammar and diagramming to younger students if you wish.

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What format are your ebooks in?

Our ebooks are PDF files.

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Who uses your materials?

I work with people who want to understand and teach grammar. Many of my customers have never learned grammar before.

My customers are typically...

  • Homeschool Teachers
  • Classroom Teachers
  • ESL Teachers
  • College Professors
  • Students
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Professionals who are insecure about their writing.

People use my information to teach themselves or their students.

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How are your materials different from other grammar programs?

I really enjoy helping people learn grammar, and I tend to be pretty peppy, which is something you won't find in many other grammar instructors!

I use a step-by-step approach that includes lessons and the visuals of sentence diagramming to teach grammar in a systematic way.

Sentence diagramming is becoming a lost art, and I'm bringing it and all of its benefits back in style.

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What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

  • Be more confident in your speaking and writing
  • Teach with confidence
  • See your students soar
  • Have your students ASKING you for more sentences to diagram
  • Understand sentence structure
  • Understand how words function in sentences
  • Diagram troubling sentences and figure out what is wrong with them
  • Save time (You don't have to write lesson plans!)
  • Feel great knowing that you're giving your students the knowledge they need

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Ordering Questions

How do I order with a purchase order?

You may send physical purchase orders to our mailing address.

Grammar Revolution
P.O. Box 2250 
Stillwater, MN 55082

You may also email us here and send purchase orders as attachments.

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What is the difference between the school-based Get Smart program and the home-based Get Smart program?

The programs are basically the same, but schools have an extra fee because they are also purchasing a license to use the program with many students.

Since individuals use the program only for themselves (or their families), their cost is lower. Since teachers use the program for whole classes of students, the cost is higher and there is a recurring licensing fee.

The annual fee gives schools the course materials and the license to use the materials. 

We will contact schools approximately 11 months from the time of their initial purchase to see if they would like to renew their license for the following year. If they do not want to use the program again, they simply let us know at that time, and they will not be charged the licensing fee for that year.

* The school-based program comes with login information for both the teacher and the students. *

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Learning English

I am an ESL student and I want to learn English. What do you suggest?

My website and materials focus on teaching English grammar. It is helpful to have a good grasp of vocabulary before you begin learning grammar. If you need help building vocabulary, these websites will help you:

If you already have a fairly good grasp of vocabulary, you'll find a lot of great material within this website and in our books and courses. Our lessons will help you improve your English grammar skills in no time!

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