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Diagramming sentences makes it easy to see how the parts of a sentence are related, and creating each diagram is like solving a little puzzle.

When you understand sentence diagramming, you'll feel more confident about your grammar, and it will positively affect your speaking, writing, and teaching.

Use this page as a reference to see how to diagram anything. You can get all of this information and more in the Sentence Diagramming Reference Manual. It will knock your socks off.

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A action verbs, adjectives, adjective clauses , adverbs, adverb clauses, adverbial nouns, appositive phrases, appositives, articles

B bare infinitives

C clauses, commands, complements, complex sentences, compound sentences, compound-complex sentences, conjunctions, coordinating conjunctions, correlative conjunctions

D declarative sentences, dependent clauses, determiners, direct address, direct objects, direct quotations

E elliptical clauses, exclamatory sentences, expletives

G gerund complement, gerunds, gerund phrases

H helping verbs

I imperative sentences, independent clauses, indirect objects, infinitive complement, infinitive phrases, infinitives, interjections, interrogative sentences, intransitive verbs

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in the Sentence Diagramming Reference Manual.

L linking verbs

M main clauses, modifiers (see adjective and adverb)

N negatives, nominative absolute, noun clauses, nouns, nouns of direct address

O object of the preposition, objective complements

P participial phrases, participles, participle complements, parts of speech, passive verbs/passive voice, phrasal verbs, phrases, "please," possessive nouns, possessive pronouns, predicate adjectives, predicate nouns, prepositions, prepositional phrases, pronouns

Q quotations, questions

R relative adverb, relative pronoun

S simple sentence, skyhooks, statements, subjects, subject complement, subject of infinitives, subordinate clauses, subordinating conjunctions

T transitive verbs

U understood "you"

V verbs, verb complement, verb phrases, verbals

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