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This sitemap is kind of like a treasure map, except that it points you to our grammar lessons instead of buried treasure.

Welcome Pages

6 Musts for Teaching Grammar
5 Steps for Learning Grammar
The Reason Why You Never Learned Grammar
Sentence Diagrams & The One Question You Should Be Asking
ESL Lessons: Resources & Tips For Learning English

Sentence Diagramming Exercises

Chapter 1: Basic Sentence Diagramming
Chapter 2: Diagramming Modifiers (Adjectives & Adverbs)
Chapter 3: Diagramming Prepositional Phrases
Chapter 4: Diagramming Coordinating Conjunctions
Chapter 5: Diagramming Interjections & Nouns of Direct Address
Chapter 6: Diagramming Types of Verbs - Part 1
Chapter 7: Diagramming Types of Verbs - Part 2
Chapter 8: Diagramming Subordinating Conjunctions (Adverb Clauses)
Chapter 9: Diagramming Relative Pronouns (Adjective Clauses)
Chapter 10: Diagramming The Noun Clause
Chapter 11: Diagramming Verbals
Sentence Diagramming Exercises Book
Sentence Diagramming Examples

Parts of Speech

What is a noun?

What is a pronoun?

What is a verb?

What is an adjective?

What is an adverb?

What is a preposition?
What is a conjunction?
What is an interjection?

Same word, same sentence, different parts of speech

Diagramming Sentences Index

Diagramming the Parts of Speech
Diagramming Phrases
Diagramming Clauses
Diagramming Verbs
Diagramming Verbals
Sentence Diagramming Reference Manual

Thanksgiving Sentence Diagrams

Word Lists

List of Nouns
List of Pronouns
List of Verbs
List of Adjectives
List of Adverbs
List of Prepositions
List of Conjunctions
List of Interjections

Grammar Quizzes

General Grammar Test
Chapter 1: Parts of Speech Quizzes
Chapter 2: Types of Sentences Quizzes
Chapter 3: Parts of a Sentence
Chapter 4: Grammar Quiz: Fragments & Run-On Sentences
Grammar Test Preparation (How To Study For a Test)
1912 Grammar Test for 8th Graders + Answers

Grammar Games

Diagram Sentences
Sentence Diagramming Puzzles

Verb Tenses

Future Perfect Tense Verbs
Irregular Verbs
Past Participles
Past Perfect Tense Verbs
Past Progressive/Past Continuous
Regular Verbs
Simple Past Tense Verbs
Simple Present Tense Verbs

Sentence Structure

Comma Splice
Run-on Sentences
Sentence Ambiguity
Sentence Construction
Sentence Fragments
Simple Sentence
Compound Sentence
Complex Sentence
Complex Sentences & Compound Sentences: How to Tell the Difference
Compound-Complex Sentence

Sentence Types

Declarative Sentences
The Interrogative Sentence: What exactly is it?
Interrogative Sentences: Learn the grammar of questions
Exclamatory Sentences
Imperative Sentences

English Phrases

Appositive Phrases
Prepositional Phrases
Participial Phrases Verb Phrases
Gerund Phrases
Infinitive Phrases


Subordinate Clauses
Noun Clauses Adjective Clauses
Adverb Clauses
Elliptical Clauses: A Type of Adverb Clause

Punctuation Rules

Comma Splice
Comma Between Adjectives?
Commas With Appositives
Exclamation Mark

Proper Grammar Usage/ Misc. Rules

Awhile vs. A While
Capitalization Rules
Two Confusing Capitalization Rules
Comma Splice
Everyday or Every Day: A Common Grammar Mistake
The Exclamation Mark
Idiomatic Expressions
Misplaced Modifiers
Pet Peeves
Phrasal Verbs
Punctuation Rules
Sentence Ambiguity
Subject Verb Agreement
There is... There are... (Expletive Construction)
Trick To Remember There, Their, & They're
Try to vs. Try and
Who vs Whom
Would of, Could of, Should of

Teaching Kids Poetry

Poetry Lesson Plan for Columbus


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Grammar Testimonials

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