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Diagramming Sentences 
Chapter 1: Subjects & Verbs

Our free guide gives you a fun way to teach and learn the basics.

Diagramming Sentences
Chapter 1: Subjects & Verbs

Diagramming sentences will help you learn grammar. It will also help you write better, and it's fun! Are you ready to learn some basic diagramming with these exercises? Great! 

Basic Sentence Diagram

There are five questions for each section. The answers are at the bottom of the page. Don't peek until you've tried them!

1.0 Diagramming Sentences  - Subjects & Verbs

Subjects tell us whom or what a sentence is about. Verbs tell us what the subject is or does.

Directions: Diagram the following sentences. Put the subject on the left side of the vertical line and the verb on the right side of the vertical line.

Helping verbs are part of the verb, so helping verbs and main verbs are written together on the right side of the vertical line. (Here's a list of helping verbs.)

1. Flowers grow.

2. Birds were chirping.

3. Bunnies hop.

4. Cailey must have been sleeping.

5. Sydney has been playing.

Subject Verb Sentence Diagram

Cats will meow.

1.1 Diagramming Questions

Did you notice that all of the sentences you diagrammed above began with the subject? Well, questions (interrogative sentences) are typically written in a different order. If you have a hard time finding the subject of a question, reorder the question into a statement.

Example: The question Have you been cooking? becomes the statement You have been cooking.

Be sure to maintain the original capitalization of the sentence when you diagram it.

Directions: Diagram the following questions. Put the subject on the left side of the vertical line and the verb on the right side of the vertical line.

1. May I run?

2. Did Josh eat?

3. Should we have been swimming?

4. Has Lucy been reading?

5. Are they coming?

Diagramming Questions

Have you been cooking?

1.0 Diagramming Sentences - Subjects & Verbs - Answers

Sentence Diagrams

1.1 Diagramming Questions Answers

Sentence Diagrams

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