Read some of our testimonials!

Read some of our testimonials!

Learning to diagram was, quite literally, a life-changing experience. I'm now at the precipice of my own personal "revolution," and it is precisely this deep dive into syntax that has given an old woman the confidence to proceed.

- Vivien

I’m almost done with your Get Smart Grammar Program, and I feel so smart! I’ve learned so much from you, and I just appreciate how you teach. I’ve never been able to understand grammar, and you make it so fun and simple. I am so grateful to you!

Thank you for making learning fun!

- Monique, Proofreader

I'm 68 years old, and your courses changed my life. I can live with myself now. 

- A.P.

When I was in school, English was my least favorite subject, probably because it did not come easy for me, or the way they explained it was confusing for me. I am taking your online course now and, WOW, all of what you say is making so much sense to me. 

I have been struggling with writing ever since I graduated from college. There was a long period where I thought "this is as good as it gets." Now, I feel different and have been looking for a program to help me understand grammar/punctuation. The expression, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear" is so true!

- Sherry

Thanks so much, Elizabeth! I bought your sentence diagramming book a few days ago, and I'm kind of embarrassed to say how transformative it has been for me. I'm a 47-year-old high school English teacher, and I went to elementary school when teaching grammar was not a thing! Despite that, I'm actually a strong writer and I love teaching English, but there's always been a tiny part of me that feels like I'm a fraud. Every few years, I think that I will devote some time over the summer to plugging through a grammar book, but I always fall asleep before I even get started. I flew through the first two thirds of your sentence diagramming book this weekend, and have been doling out the final few chapters this week after school each day. It's so fun, so satisfying, and I honestly feel like I'm understanding things that I've never understood before. Plus, I'm just having a good time!

- Rebecca

Emma just scored a 35 on the ACT English test, and she owes it to Grammar Revolution! Grammar Revolution laid a solid and lasting grammar foundation for Emma. This was the key to her success - not test-taking strategies and tricks - just good old fashioned English grammar!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your dedication to bringing back English grammar and your wonderful grammar program. It has made a permanent difference in Emma's life!

- Joya, Parent

I just wanted to reach out to say THANK YOU for creating this program and providing the free beginner materials. I am a first year high school English teacher, and I've been trying to find easy, simple, and straightforward ways to teach grammar to my students. I am not super comfortable with grammar myself, but I know how important it is. Thank you for creating this "Grammar Revolution." Your site has been so helpful to me!

- Paige, High School English Teacher

I learned more from your lessons than I learned in college.
- Josefina

This book has been like a miracle for us. My grandson is 17 and we just began homeschooling him halfway through his junior year; he hasn't touched diagramming for a few years and was drowning - as was I. I found your website and downloaded this book. And as I said, it has been a miracle. Thank you!

- Cynthia, Grandparent

My students are enjoying the Get Smart program so much, and I see them trying to apply what they've learned to everyday phrases. Thanks for developing such a fun and exciting way to learn grammar. I never knew I could enjoy teaching this so much!

-  Ann, Classroom Teacher

I ordered your complete set of courses and books. I am extremely pleased with the thoroughness of the materials, and I really like your videos.

- Rodney

This is my first year teaching English and you have been very helpful!

 - Geoff, Classroom Teacher

I am 77 years old, and I decided to learn German. I took an online German course and quickly discovered I didn't even know English. Your course educated me in the proper use of English and got me through my German course to the point where I can now almost speak German. 

- Merv

I love your program!! I am using the videos to help teach my students note taking strategies as well. It has been fun to watch them grow in confidence in grammar and note taking!

- Amy, Classroom Teacher

The posters are stunning! They are so much nicer than I expected and more beautiful than any teacher posters I've ever purchased. I am putting them along the entire back wall of my classroom. Seriously, they are absolutely beautiful.

- Camille, Classroom Teacher

Thank you for an excellent program.

- Faith, Classroom Teacher

 I love your enthusiasm for this subject!

- Laura, Homeschooler

Thank you for creating this product. It has been rewarding to enrich my understanding of English. I enjoy both the science and the challenge. I now look at grammar constructions like puzzles. It's cathartic.

- Ryan

The particular details in your explanations, which I did not find in other websites, clarified the areas I was having trouble with understanding and made essential connections I would not have made otherwise. Wow, it's like a new world opened up before my eyes. Thank you.

- Ingrid

We have been using Grammar Revolution for a few months now, and I just want to tell you how helpful it has been. Slowly but surely, we are getting our school to incorporate your program on a broader level; it will be exciting and helpful to say the least!

Thank you for the opportunity to make teaching grammar fun!

-Brooks, Teacher

I continually find your wonderful email messages to be uplifting and inspiring.  
- Gary 

I just wanted to say thank you for making this subject easy to understand and explain.

I homeschool my son (10) who started out in public school. I want to make sure my son has the education I didn't get and, sadly, many children don't get.

Thank you for being a wonderful resource and including visual learning!

- Meredith, Homeschooling Mom

Elizabeth, I am ecstatic with the grammar program. I am working on lesson 6 already. I just received your books, and they are fabulous. Thank you, thank you. I know I will be the grammar queen by the end of the summer holidays.

- Clare

Now that my first year of teaching eighth-grade English and honors is nearing an end, I just want to say that your sentence diagramming book was a phenomenal success in my classroom.

I had always been reluctant to teach diagramming because I thought that the students would find it mundane; however, the opposite proved to be true.

Every year, my colleagues and I would complain that no matter what approach we took to teaching the parts of speech, students were not retaining them. To my surprise, both my honors students and my general education students learned the parts of speech, improved their sentence structure and, most importantly, loved diagramming.

Who would have thought? I rave about your program to my colleagues because my students had so much success with it. Thank you so much!

-  Cristina, Eighth-Grade Teacher

Your materials were very useful when I taught writing skills to Chevron Corporation attorneys in Vietnam and Thailand. Kudos! You are the best!

 - Allan 

You are the biggest lifesaver. I was really struggling with diagramming prepositional phrases, and because of that I failed quizzes. Now I totally understand it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

- Riley, Student

Your website has brought so much clarity and simplicity to what can seem so complicated. 
Thank you! 

- Brenda

I practiced diagramming a few sentences from your Stay Smart books, and I felt like I was "getting it." I felt so encouraged that I dug up my old college composition text books and started reading. My mind was buried with "Ahas." I was so energized!

Everything is making sense now. 

- Al, Adult Learner

I love and value your program! [Get Smart] I teach at an all ELL secondary school and the online + video/visual has been invaluable for these students! Thank you for making this possible.

- Diane, Teacher 

Your simple explanations about the seemingly complex English language have been wonderful for my students who did not "get" it. My students (most diagnosed with "serious" issues) can identify verbs/subject/object in sentences easily and verbalize why these are important in language.

- Astrid, Tutor

I love, love what you do for us teachers! 

- Pat, Teacher

I have to tell you how much I love your product [Get Smart]. I have struggled with understanding grammar my whole life, and I felt like I was stupid because I could not memorize the rules. 

I was seriously leaning towards walking away from my dream job as a college professor because of my embarrassment and fear of getting caught as being a fraud! Thank God for you! I have confidence, and I actually love grammar now. Thank you for everything!

- C., College Professor

I am so very impressed with your course [Get Smart] and style of teaching. My boys are engaged and learning. Garrett pulled his latest grammar test up by 13 points!

The videos are upbeat, and even the written lessons are upbeat. It makes it much easier to work. I did not have a lot of diagramming in school, and grammar was scattered at best, so I am not strong in this area. I am having fun watching the lightbulbs go off in my guys. We are all learning.

Thanks for making grammar understandable and fun.

- Regina, Parent

Hi Elizabeth, 

I just wanted to let you know that my daughter, whom I'm homeschooling this year and who is a visual-spatial learner, is really enjoying learning grammar this way. She's still having some trouble when she has to produce the sentences and identifying the parts of speech, but your workbook is a really terrific tool. I plan to use it with my "underprepared" learners when I go back to teaching. 

- Erika, Homeschooler

I reached my dream, and I am now working as an English teacher in Spain. Your vision of grammar helped me very much in my studies. You are a fantastic teacher. The exams to be a teacher in Spain are very difficult, and you helped me. Thanks.

- Pilar, English Teacher

Thank you for the work that you do. Listening to how you explain things makes a lot of sense to me. I can really comprehend it. Again, thank you. 

- Harriett

I am loving the Get Smart program! My eighth-graders are grasping grammar better than I've ever seen. I intend to continue using this every year!

- Ann, Classroom Teacher

I think your material is great. I am so thankful I found it. 

- Larry, ESL Teacher

I love your products… and so do my kids!

- Kristen, Teacher

I ran across your website a couple of weeks ago and watched your hour long presentation about grammar*. I was astounded. In that hour, all the disjointed things I knew about grammar came rushing into a unified whole. It was like fitting the pieces of the puzzle together. I was amazed at the clarity and simplicity of what has at times seemed so complicated.

- Dixie 

* You can get access to this presentation after subscribing to our newsletter

I really want to thank you so much for all of your help! I'm learning so much that I'm smiling and feeling confident in myself now. I'm beginning to believe that anything is possible.

- Regina

I have been searching for a way to teach my students grammar, and it has been really hard to find a program that will work with inner-city youth. My students are extremely bright and can analyze everything and anything, but their grammar skills have to be improved upon. I think what you created with this program is absolutely genius! 

- Nadia, Teacher 

Your website saved me from certain destruction! :) Thank you for showing the importance of diagramming sentences in order to understand how the parts of speech work. I could not figure out how prepositional phrases could function as adverbs, adjectives, or nouns. I referenced your website and quickly learned how to diagram them, which produced instant clarity. Thank you so much! 

- Idora 

Unlike (I presume) many of your students, I am actually learning a foreign language in which the object of the sentence is the most important bit. Speaking English, I took our sentence structure for granted never considering the grammar.

The methods used in your courses are invaluable.

Where I once looked for objects in sentences that weren't there, now I draw the sentence and find it easily. I read a sentence and the attributes are jumping off the page at me, mapping the diagrams in my head.

Thank you so much for this amazing resource. It makes me look at English and my foreign language in a new light.

- Kenneth

We have used Get Smart over this school year. Our girls (sixth-graders) had never done any sentence diagramming, but they do well in grammar in general. What we loved about this program was the bite-sized pieces Elizabeth uses to teach. This is a nicely paced program. Elizabeth's demeanor is delightful. She's very easy to listen to. Her product is thorough and easy to use.  

Just the fact that she shared the helping verbs in the form of a song made me love this program. Now I can say to the girls, "What are the helping verbs again?" and they easily sing the song without hesitation.  

We've used workbooks for grammar in the past that were fine. Get Smart is more fun in our opinion. And once we finish with the Get Smart portion she has other products that continue the work (diagramming famous quotes and the like).  

I'd recommend this program to any family that wants to take a look at grammar in a fresh new way. Sentence Diagramming ROCKS!!!

- Debbie, Homeschooler

I found the Sentence Diagramming Reference Manual to be very helpful. It is amazing how I got my students interested in grammar when that aspect of the language happens to be the weakest for them. The diagrams were especially helpful recently when they had to know the difference on how to use "who" and "whom".  They are now clamouring for more!

Elizabeth is also very responsive whenever one has any doubts as to how to diagram any particular sentence. Talk of after-sales service!

I strongly recommend this book especially for teachers like me who teach English as a second language.  It keeps learners interested and keen when dealing with grammar.

- Carol, ESL Teacher

I have adopted your Sentence Diagramming Exercises as the backbone of our developmental English program at Southeastern University. We are using it for our sections of College Reading and Writing on campus plus we are using it at our satellite campuses and for our evening and online courses. 

As an EFL teacher of international students and a college composition and writing instructor, I believe I've found in your materials my missing link for fostering adult literacy in English. Thank you!

- Dr. Annette Graves, Coordinator of English & Intercultural Studies at Southeastern University, Lakeland, Florida

There are all kinds of approaches that try to sell the "grammar made easy" concept, but most fail. I have to say, this is by far my favorite. 

- Dave, University Student

I'm so grateful I learned about your program and was able to get to know you. I'm inspired by the goodness you radiate! 

Good luck to you in your mission to bring grammar back into our society, thereby increasing people's clarity of communication and ability to reason.

- Elaine, Homeschooler

Yesterday, my son said, "Verbs are my favorite parts of speech." I think it's an indication of a successful  grammar program when a child can pick his favorite part of speech. Yeah!

- Mary, Homeschooler

I just received a 4.0 GPA and was listed on the Dean's List and the honor roll. I could not have done this without your helpful newsletters. I wanted to tell you how much your letters have helped me. Please keep them coming. 

- Darlene, Student

Thank you for the clearest explanation of verb tenses I have ever seen. I am learning German and I needed to review English grammar to understand certain explanations of German verb conjugations. Your explanations are so logical, complete, and succinct that I had to write and thank you.

- Scott, Student

I found your site very useful when I taught English, and I often refer teachers here. I no longer teach English, but the diagramming bug is still with me.

- Sara, Former English Teacher

I love your book! I have used your materials to prepare for a Praxis test, and I did well thanks to you. 

- Anntoinette

I've been using some of your diagramming exercises with my sixth-grader and we LOVE them. I had a pretty strong foundation in grammar and diagramming as young student, but hadn't taught my children any diagramming yet. I have to say, I am having so much fun doing the exercises with my son.    

Thanks for your work.

- Sarah, Homeschooler

I used your materials to get a teaching position, and I wouldn't have passed the grammar section without your lessons! 

- Pearl, Teacher

I have spoken English all my life and never knew all of this. Thank you so much for your grammar courses. They are truly amazing!!!

- Minda

I love your website! Your helpful tips and upbeat attitude are a breath of fresh air. Grammar definitely needs a champion like you! 

- Kristin, Elementary School Library Tech

Many thanks for your extraordinary work. I am new to teaching, but I think your approach is just splendid.

- Petra, Teacher

I am an English teacher in a remote area in the Philippines. You're great! This makes it very easy for me to teach grammar to students in an easy way. The examples and diagrams are also very useful. Thank you for sharing your website with us.

Asral, English Teacher

Thank you, Elizabeth. I am proud to say that I am hatching a new batch of diagramafites. They are moving from the 107-degree-fever-stare to twinkling, "I've got it!"  

I am happy to be using material that is not older than you are.  

- Patti, Classroom Teacher

I wish you much success in your grammar revolution. I've been teaching diagramming for the last three years and have seen a "crossover" improvement in how my students manage their sentence structures in writing essays and stories.

They are beginning to understand that knowing the mechanics of language enables them to express their creativity accurately.

- Amy, Homeschool Mom

I highly recommend this program. We bought the book and my eight-year-old son has caught on very quickly. He actually enjoys grammar work now.

- Sasha, Parent

My daughter is 9 years old and in 4th grade. She had always gotten A's, but her last pop quiz was a disaster. She understood the material somewhat at first, but when time passed she was not able to recall what was taught. She says that the way grammar has been presented so far in class is confusing to her.  

When I started showing her some of the examples that you had on your website, it seemed so much easier to understand. The diagramming method seemed to click with her so much better than her class's textbook method of underlining part of the sentence once and something else twice.

What I saw on your website made sense. It's frustrating that her school is not teaching grammar the easiest way possible. I don't like to see my kids struggle with something that does not have to be so confusing.

Thank you very much for your time and your expertise.

- Sheila, Parent

Thank you for making grammar fun.

- Antoinette, Homeschooling Mom

I have been in the teaching profession (which I deeply love) for nearly 40 years. This is the first time I have found a really innovative and motivating way of dealing with grammar. I like the way you do your video lessons, and I find that both your oral and written explanations are great.

- Mary, EFL Teacher

I am excited to teach sentence diagramming to my students!

- Jeniene, Teacher

To be honest with you, the only only way I can stomach studying grammar is through sentence diagramming. I have a "normal" grammar book, but I get so fed up trying to learn all of the rules and the exceptions to the rules. I always look forward to your e-newsletter and lessons. 

- Elizabeth, (Reluctant) Grammar Lover

I look forward to your fun sentences for diagramming, and I appreciate your easy-to-follow explanations. Your passion for grammar has made my job as an instructor more fun and easy. Now, our whole class is catching the "grammar is fun" bug.

- Andrea, Teacher

I will begin teaching eighth-grade English in a few months, and your website and products are going to give me so much more confidence and structure! I am so glad I found you! 

- Katherine, Teacher

I am studying for the GMAT and have found your website and diagramming ebooks to be invaluable!  

- Karen-Kim, Student

We got your videos, and my daughter is no longer stressed.

- Rick, Parent

I just purchased your ebooks because I want to learn the basic structure of the sentence and really understand it. 

When I think of the complete breezing over of this subject in my school years, I'm amazed I can communicate at all. 

Although I actually get paid to write, I have always felt that my underlying grammatical strength was missing.

I love the fact that this material is a confidence boosting exercise as well as an educational one.  

I feel more equipped to explore a whole new world of knowledge, simply because I am armed with a fuller understanding of how the sentence works and what the author is saying with style, content, and syntax.

- Phil, Writer

Your website is amazing. I am currently doing my student teaching in NYC and your website has been a HUGE help to me. Thank you so much for your vision and for making it happen to help others.

- Bobby, Student Teacher

I operate a small school in Thailand. I recently bought your book online and have been using it to teach my students (and myself). I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that your hard work is appreciated. My students and I love this.

- Charles, Teacher & Principal

I finally passed my exam! Thank you very much!

- Ana, Student

I just completed the Grammar Revolution Get Smart Program. It provided the excellent review of grammar that I needed as I prepare to start my proofreading business. It is extremely well designed and taught, using contemporary teaching methods that facilitate learning.  Thanks for creating and maintaining such a wonderful course!

- James, Proofreader

Confidence is a key factor in good communication. Since I've been studying grammar again, I've noticed that I feel more confident about my writing and speaking. I no longer cower when I have an important email to write because I look forward to the challenge!
- Damien, Sales Rep

Elizabeth, I want to say how much I have appreciated the lessons and how interesting it has been to look at grammar in this slightly different way. During lockdown periods due to Covid, your recorded lessons were of course invaluable. As part of an integrated reading/writing/thinking approach to literacy, your grammar lessons have provided us with a tangible and easily measurable body of learning which our students have come to find very motivating. While they have enjoyed getting things right, they, and we also, have begun to see the practical benefits in having a common language to discuss issues in writing. I did envision that this would eventually be the case, having observed the problems in complex sentences from senior students which arose from having no sensible relationship between subject and verb. However, it is rewarding to see this actually happening.

- Catherine, Teacher

This course is fabulous. I'm using it to teach my 13-year-old student who has dyslexia and ADHD. He's mostly a tactile learner, but the visuals of diagramming is incredibly helpful.
- Candace

We are loving Grammar Revolution! I had decided to have three of our older kids go through it this year, and then our fifth-grader started really struggling with some basics, so she's going through it too. I went from almost pulling my hair out to learning with her! :) Thanks so much for developing this!

- Allison, Homeschooler

My student can finally see concretely what all these teachers have been trying to tell her.

- Debbie, Tutor

Your grammar program has really helped me to teach grammar to my students. I had been intimidated to teach grammar, and I have easily spent over $800 on other books and programs that were not helpful. I have your course now, and my seventh and eighth-graders are motoring through it. Thanks so much!

- Tina, Classroom Teacher

Hello Elizabeth,

Please let me share how helpful I have found your grammar and sentence diagramming material.

It has been of great assistance to me personally as I continue to learn from it. It is such a pleasure to use the material with my son as I see how easily he grasps each concept and is able to apply it.

I sincerely appreciate the resources you have made available and wish you and your family all the best.

- Maggie, Homeschooler

Your program saved my life last school year. My kids loved diagramming! :)

- Courtney, Lit/Comp. Teacher

I just bought your whole set, and I am thrilled!

You cannot imagine how grateful I am. This is a tool that is priceless for an LD child. You are a lifeline to me and my student.

I am a teacher with dyslexia, and I also have a PhD from a highly-respected university. Every day of my life has been a struggle with English. I was a gifted student all though school, but I could not spell. Since I totally understand the feeling of being so bright and yet so unable to preform, I teach others with the same issues.

Your program has made my job a LOT easier!

I am using your materials with a young man (age 14), and your sentence diagramming program is just perfect for "filling in all the blanks" in grammar that he missed years ago. He loves filling in the blanks and diagramming. His thinking process allows him to grasp and act, and he feels successful because he is!

He is paying attention to the tiny details that he ignored or felt were "boring" (read - too confusing) in the past. Now, he sees that those details make the puzzle come out correctly (like winning a video game). He is responding like the champion, and I could not be more pleased. 

Elizabeth, you might want to mention that this is a great tool for the learning disabled student, because it is!

- Jacquie, Tutor

Using Get Smart Grammar Revolution has helped us to understand the English language so much better. Mrs. O'Brien explains things so clearly and repeats information at just the right amount. The video lessons are short and to the point. The layout of the workbook is conversational and easy to understand with plenty of examples. We love it!

- Susan H., Homeschool Buyer's Co-op Member

We are currently on lesson 10 and my children's confidence level has increased immensely! 

- Jennifer, Homeschooling Mom

Students who say grammar is boring do not stand a chance with you. 
- Pat

Like many, I adore your program. I have a BA in English, an MA in Psychology, and am a certified TEFL instructor. Yet NONE of those marvelous programs taught me grammar!

Thank you, Elizabeth. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. (You're a rock star!)

My students, by the way, also adore your program!

- Michelle, Adult ESL Teacher

My daughter and I looked at your helping verbs video, and we learned your song. Yay! It's brilliant. Thank you. This inspired my daughter to write out the song and draw a picture of a flower next to it with the title, 'I love helping verbs' in bubble writing. How cute is that?! Nothing previously has ever inspired her to write independently!

Your enthusiasm is contagious!
- Leanne and Sienna (aged 7)

I have gotten nearly all A's ever since I started following your lessons. Thank you.

-  Darlene, Student

We used your sentence diagramming program last year, and my son LOVED it!

- Gretchen, Homeschooler

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm 47 years old and have begun to understand grammar for the first time! I have a college degree and feel more comfortable helping my four girls with school than ever before! 

- Christine, Parent

Your Grammar Revolution website is so effective; it is my go-to source for any grammar questions that I have, and I can count on the sections to be explained in a way that makes sense.

I'm a recent college graduate who never learned sentence diagramming in school, but I decided to try my hand at it as a way to improve my writing. It definitely changes the way that I see our language, and it has proven an invaluable groundwork for learning more abstract techniques of writing effectively.

- Cameron

I learned more about grammar in your awesome 59 minute talk than I ever did in school. If only we had teachers like you back in the 70's when they were trying to teach me this. I was baffled by the diagramming stuff until just now.
Thank you! :)

- John

Where have you been all our homeschooling life? You are talented at explaining grammar in a way that my youngest (of 8) really gets it! Thank you!

- Susan, Homeschooler

Thanks again for keeping your material fresh and accessible to a very wide audience. 

- Aaron

My students love diagramming and are learning so much. Thank you for your inspiration and instruction. 

- Destiny, Teacher

I LOVE your website! I refer to it all the time. In fact, I recently realized that one reason I read so slowly is that I tend to diagram random sentences from the text in my mind. (<- Like that one, for instance - lol!) Forget Candy Crush; let's diagram! 

- Mary Jane, Tutor

Elizabeth, thank you for what you are doing to improve grammatical understanding and appreciation for all who are fortunate enough to find your website. Because of sentence diagramming, my students were 'climbing all over each other' to go to the board. They loved it. 

- A Lowe, Teacher

I just want to say how wonderful we think this grammar curriculum is. My son and I have been working through it. It's so easy to follow, and we love your teaching style. We would love to see you put out a high school writing curriculum or other lang arts curriculum. (-:

- Laura, Homeschooler

I homeschool our two children ages 6 and 7 1/2 with another mom who has two 7 1/2 year olds. Everyone LOVES sentence diagramming. One morning, I was going through refreshing and learning from your website. Both my children joined me, and we spent the morning in bed doing all the example exercises we could get through. I was hooked from there. In fact, last night we went out to dinner and that is what we did as a family while waiting for our meal to arrive. Ok, you get the point. We are excited about this resource you created!

- Lila, Homeschooling Mom

[Get Smart] is easy to use, and any time I can get kids and teens interested and saying, "This is fun!" when we diagram, I'm thrilled!

- Christie, Homeschool Co-op Teacher

I gave my regular ESL class yesterday, and I knew how to answer a question about dependent clauses and another about participles being used as adjectives. This was in my more advanced class. Hurray! Thanks.

- Lana, ESL Teacher

THANK YOU! I have conducted teacher-training workshops for years, but I have never been well-versed in grammar. I have been asked to teach a Level 3 ESL class for adults, and I feel like a fish out of water. I am feeling a bit more confident. I have a lot to learn, but your systematic, direct and sequential approach is the style with which I am most comfortable.

- Barbara, Teacher-Trainer

Hi Elizabeth! I just had to let you know that I LOVE your website, flyers, videos and jingles!!! I'm going to be 40 years old soon and I practice singing the verb and preposition jingles every day at work… lol. I'm learning so much and telling all my family and friends about your website. You are an AWESOME teacher! Keep up the good work! 

 - Zahrah

My freshman class has excelled using your method! 

- Chuck, Classroom Teacher (Get Smart program) 

My students are fighting over who gets to diagram the sentence on the board when they walk into the classroom. It is a joy to see. 

- Tracy, Classroom Teacher

We ordered all of your books, and we are loving them! My 12 year old son is racing through the lessons in the Get Smart program. He loves sentence diagramming. Thanks for making grammar fun and interesting.

- Denise, Homeschooler

Thank you for the wonderful way in which you teach this material. Everyone is enjoying it, having fun, and learning at the same time. Yeah!

- Maria, Mom

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am a homeschooling mom of four, and two of my teenagers are learning Latin which - much to my chagrin - involves diagramming sentences. Yikes! We have no idea how to diagram sentences, and I was seeing them fall behind because of it. I am such a visual learner which makes homeschooling a challenge for me. We watched your video today, and I am grateful and full of hope. Yippee! 

- Val, Homeschooling Mom

I've been working through the diagramming lessons with my son for some time. We do a page or two each morning at breakfast before he heads off to school. I cannot tell you how much it has helped his English grammar knowledge! THANK YOU for that!!! 

- Shaun, Parent

Since purchasing Stay Smart, I have used your diagramming method for teaching my students how to read and write scientific papers. Yes! Diagramming is a useful tool for university students. Thank you. 

- Yozo, University Professor

Your website is awesome. It helped me get through my grammar class and earn my associate degree at age 51!!!

- Lynette

I love your [Get Smart] program. It has changed my life! 

- Val, Writer

Thank you for providing such helpful resources for grammar education. I have just completed the Get Smart program for myself and plan to teach it to my children this summer. :) I am excited even if they are not (yet). 

- Esther, Parent

I recently purchased your online Get Smart program. I am a huge fan! You are the one who made grammar, in all its complexity, simple for me. That's the sign of a true genius! :) Seriously!

Honestly, your work is remarkable.

I am an online tutor and I teach students of every age, level and country around the world. 

 - Becky, Tutor

Sentence diagramming goes hand-in-hand with Latin. This has helped my understanding of Latin and grammar tremendously.

- L., Homeschool Mom

Thank you so much for the Get Smart program! My third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade Korean ESL students love the program, and the school is super impressed with how well they diagram and understand the parts of speech! Thank you so much for making this new ESL teacher (me) look like a grammar expert!

Jeremy, ESL Teacher

 I am proud to say that last academic year, my grades in English improved drastically as a result of your lessons. 

- Martin, University Student

Thanks so much for creating this program (Get Smart)! The explanations are delightfully clear and concise and your enthusiasm is contagious!  We are honestly ENJOYING grammar! Yay! 

- Pam, Homeschooler

We LOVE your curriculum. I had been searching for something that would help me teach this when we found you at the Homeschool Convention. I tell everyone who will listen about your program and how they will not regret getting it for their children (and themselves).

- Mindy, Homeschooler

We have loved Get Smart and are excited to continue it with our students this next semester. Thank you for your work in putting this program together!

- Rachel, Teacher

I purchased the Sentence Diagramming Reference Manual and the Sentence Diagramming Exercises, and I find them useful for both teaching AND learning.

- Pam, Eighth-Grade Teacher

I've never met anyone who was able to explain some of the most complex concepts as simply and precisely as you do. Thank you so very much for sharing your brilliance with us.

- Shirley, English Language Arts Teacher

Thank you for your website. It helps solidify my attempts at getting my students thrilled about proper grammar! 

- Marie, Teacher

I've already done the first 100 sentences of Stay Smart, and I'm learning a ton. It's putting a polish on the great deal of grammar work that I've done in the past month in preparation for writing a book. I'm a good writer, but I wanted to know why. Thanks again. 

- Lynn, Writer

I love your site! It's my go-to site for all my grammar questions. I have incorporated it into my teaching and even use your videos as a "guest teacher" from time to time. 

I teach eighth-graders who are practically professional diagrammers. Thanks for your site and for all the support you give to those of us in the trenches.

- Lynn, Eighth-Grade Teacher

As my children are beginning to study other languages in school, their base of grammatical knowledge is proving to be quite helpful.

- Meghan, Parent

I have your Get Smart program and have been studying all of the videos that are provided. They are very wonderfully made and I enjoy every minute learning from all of them.

-  Preecha

The information that I get from you makes me a better teacher. I picture myself when I was a young boy struggling with language, and now, I'm teaching it very well. 

- Duncan, Teacher

I am so glad I joined the Grammar Revolution. You bring spice to our English department!

- Eileen, Teacher

I feel lucky to have found this wonderful site which describes English grammar simply and meaningfully. Thank you very much.

-  Ajesh, English Language Learner

I live in England and teach my fourteen-year-old daughter at home. Your website is wonderful, and we are so grateful you have created it. It is an inspiration.

- Nigel, Homeschool Dad

I have all your materials, and I think it's all superb. It is a great way to make grammar tuition more dynamic/interactive and less didactic. It also appeals to visual learners.

- Terry, Literacy Program Coordinator

I LOVE how you break things down. I've used your resources in my classroom, and they have been a HUGE help! The students understood diagramming better than ever! :) :)

- Joy, Classroom Teacher

Thank you for your diagrams. You sure have been helpful and a great influence on my class. I got an 87% on my last English test. I was so happy because it's one of my highest scores. Thanks again!

- Emily, Student

I have studied English grammar for three years now. I have read many grammar books, but your revolutionary diagrams-- added with your easy explanation--are just magical. 

When I publish my first book, a signed copy of it will be sent to you. :)

- Reza, Budding Author

I love your website and the videos! Your discussions are very clear and understandable!

- John, 7th Grade Student

I find sentence diagramming fun, and my confidence is slowly but surely growing. I think I've missed out on a lot since my teachers never taught me this brilliant way of learning English when I was in school! I would definitely recommend my friends use this method and purchase a copy of your Sentence Diagramming Reference Manual.

- Carol, Grammar Lover

I teach tenth-grade English, and I didn't get grammar at all growing up. I was scared of it. Teaching it now is terrifying for me, but diagramming is helping so much, so I am teaching it to my students. 

Thank you for inspiring me to love grammar and to feel more confident.

- Megan, High School English Teacher

I really like the simple way you explain grammar. I'm always on the lookout for easy ways to pass on English grammar to my four kids.

- Tabitha, Grammar Lover & Mom

After 20 years, I am now a student again, and I believe your website may save me! I've just enrolled in English Composition, and I have forgotten so many things. Thank you for breaking things down in your Parts of Speech Quick Guide. I've printed it out and will be able to use it with my course!

 - Kelly, Student

I am amazed at all of your great resources. I'm now developing my sentence diagramming skills and learning how to use proper grammar.

Your information is a big help for me as I teach my two lovely daughters at home. You've given me knowledge and confidence in myself! 

- Lynn, Homeschool Mom

I really like your program. You have a wonderful product, and I am happy to be using it. I will be sure to mention it to other homeschoolers.

- Michelle, Homeschool Mom

The way that Elizabeth teaches is so impressive that I have no words to describe it. It really inspired me and my kids. 

- Drinayat, Teacher

Although I teach English basics, I have no previous education in grammar as I was a real wild thing in my day. I am now catching up after all those wasted years, and I'm taking a level four TELF class.   

Your site has helped me so much. Gosh, the way you teach is really amazing. Seriously. Thank you.

- Kathryn, Teacher

I purchased your Get Smart program, and we are very happy with it! Part of the reason I bought it is because I like your personality. I hated grammar as a kid, and I wish I'd had a teacher like you!  I am hoping my kids will have a better experience than I, and with your program, I am confident they will. 

- Valerie, Homeschool Teacher

I have a test tomorrow in Language Arts that's worth 40% of my grade, and your website just saved my life!

- Kirkland, Student

Your materials are a life-saver and confidence-booster!

- Lori

While teaching a weekly English Grammar and Writing class to local homeschoolers this school year, English Grammar Revolution in all its facets was one of my main resources. 

It helped me break down complex ideas and present them in simple, easy to understand ways. 

My kids did GREAT! Week after week, they had a blast parsing, diagramming, and composing sentences galore. No joke, they loved it! 

One student, after earning every extra credit point available, did so well on my seven-page final exam that his test grade was 104%!

Your website, books, video clips, recommendations, and Facebook dialogues were invaluable. 

- Teresa, Homeschool Teacher

Thank you for all the hard work you put into this grammar website. I have final exams next week, and I was feeling stressed about grammar until I visited your site. I reviewed all of my English grammar, and afterward, I felt great. 

I want to truly thank you because now I feel very confident and optimistic about my upcoming English exam and grammar in general. 

- Zack, High School Student

If you'd like to teach or learn grammar the easy way—with sentence diagrams—check out our Get Smart Grammar Program.

It starts from the very beginning and teaches you grammar and sentence diagramming in easy, bite-size lessons. 

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