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Would you like help teaching
or learning grammar?

I learned more from your lessons than I learned in college.

- Josefina, Adult Learner

I never knew I could enjoy teaching this so much!

- Ann, Classroom Teacher

I learned more from your lessons than I learned in college.

- Josefina, Adult Learner

My student can finally see concretely what all these teachers have been trying to tell her.

- Debbie, Tutor

I never knew I could enjoy teaching this so much!

- Ann, Classroom Teacher

I am having so much fun doing the exercises with my son.

- Sarah, Homeschooler

How can we help you?

I want to teach grammar.

Whether or not you know grammar yourself, you can teach it!

I want to learn grammar.

It's important to learn grammar the right way. We've got you covered.

I want to learn English.

You're learning English grammar as you learn English. Welcome!

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Teaching and learning grammar doesn't have to be painful.

by Elizabeth O'Brien

by Elizabeth O'Brien

Grammar doesn't have to fill you with frustration and fear. I'll help you actually learn grammar (not just a bunch of random rules that you'll forget in a week), and we'll use sentence diagrams to make it easy and fun.

Sentence diagramming is an effective way to learn grammar, and it's like a word game. Diagrams will help you see how words are related.

Sentence diagramSentence diagrams are wonderful!

If you're a teacher, you're probably looking for ways to make teaching grammar as painless as possible (for you and for your students). I've taught sentence diagramming to many students, and they honestly enjoyed themselves and learned grammar at the same time.

You probably don't know how to diagram sentences right now, and that's okay. You don't need to know any grammar or diagramming to get started. Our video grammar program gives you a step-by-step road map and holds your hand throughout the whole process. You and your students will gain confidence as you learn more about language. No lesson planning required - just hit play!

In the many pages of this website, you'll find exercises, lessons, and oodles of sentence diagrams, which, combined with that powerful brain of yours, will turn you into a grammar pro.

Our goals here are to have fun and learn grammar. So, set aside your frustration, pick up your pencil, and join the English Grammar Revolution!

Teach or Learn English Grammar the Easy Way

Our free guide gives you a fun way to

teach and learn the basics.

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