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Feb 12, 2020

IS—A Linking Verb?

Is IS always a linking verb? Nope! It can also be a helping verb or an action verb. I'll show you.

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Feb 05, 2020

Commonly Confused Words (There, Their, & They're)

I'll teach you a few tricks to remember the commonly confused words "there," "their," and "they're." Let's go!

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Feb 04, 2020

Grammar Pet Peeves

Are any of these grammar mistakes on your list of pet peeves?

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Jan 28, 2020

The Imperative Sentence

Learn about the imperative sentence! I command you to do it. (Imperative sentences give commands.) :)

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Jan 20, 2020

The apostrophe has three purposes.

The apostrophe has three purposes. Do you know them?

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Jan 17, 2020

Punctuation Rules

Learn punctuation rules! You don't have to wonder about semicolons or comma rules anymore. Use this as a resource!

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Jan 13, 2020

Smart Punctuation: A 20-Day Challenge

You'll learn the punctuation rules you need to know with these lessons and exercises. Join us!

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Jan 07, 2020

Commas and Coordinate Adjectives

Why do some adjectives have a comma between them and others don't? Let's explore this fascinating question! :)

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Jan 05, 2020

Collective Nouns

Learn everything that you need to know about collective nouns. Yay!

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Jan 02, 2020

What is a comma splice?

What is a comma splice? Learn what they are and how to avoid them! We'll even diagram some sentences to make it easier! Yay!

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Jan 01, 2020

What is an adverb?

What is an adverb? It's one of the eight parts of speech! I'll help you learn or teach more with examples and sentence diagrams. Yay!

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Dec 27, 2019

Learn When To Use A Colon

Have you wondered when to use a colon? Wonder no more. I'll show you!

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Dec 23, 2019

What are objective complements?

What are objective complements and how do you diagram them?

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Dec 19, 2019

Learn About the Indirect Object

It's time for you to learn about the indirect object. Yay! Check it out and join the fun.

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Oct 18, 2019

Interrogative Sentences: Learn the Grammar of Questions

Learn the grammar of questions! You'll learn how to use sentence diagrams to see the grammar of interrogative sentences. Check it out!

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Oct 11, 2019

Sentence Types (Statements, Questions, Exclamations, & Commands)

When we categorize sentences based on purpose, we get four sentence types: statements, questions, exclamations, & commands.

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Sep 24, 2019

Countable Nouns & Uncountable Nouns

What are countable nouns? What are uncountable nouns? Why does it matter? I'll teach you!

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Sep 19, 2019

Common Nouns and Proper Nouns

Learn the difference between proper nouns and common nouns. You'll also learn how to diagram them!

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Sep 17, 2019

The Amazing Sentence Adverb

Sentence adverbs are not the same as regular adverbs. Learn why!

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Sep 12, 2019

What are passive verbs? (Passive & Active Voice)

Passive verbs receive the action of the verb. See examples and learn about diagramming sentences that are written in the passive voice.

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