Six Grammar Quizzes 

Six Grammar Quizzes

Grammar quizzes are great tools for helping you figure out what you or your students know and don't know. Once you have that information, you can focus your studies or instruction on the concepts that are most needed. 

You'll find links to six grammar quizzes below. Have fun!

Two Beginner Grammar Quizzes 

1. Fragments & Run-on Sentences Quiz

This quiz on fragments and run-on sentences has you identifying and fixing fragments and run-on sentences. It will also give you a bit of background information in case you need a refresher! Use this quiz to learn more and test your knowledge. 

2. Types of Sentences Quiz

Do you know your sentence types?  Find out with this quiz that cover the four sentence types. Before you get started, here's a reminder of the types of sentences:

  • Declarative sentences state facts. They're also called statements. They end with a period. 
  • Interrogative sentences ask questions. The end with a question mark. 
  • Exclamatory sentences express emotion. They end with an exclamation mark. 
  • Imperative sentences give commands. They often end with a period, but they can also end with an exclamation mark.

Two Intermediate Grammar Quizzes

3. Parts of Speech Quiz

Did you know that (almost) every word that we use can be categorized into one of eight word groups or parts of speech. They're pretty important. This quiz covers all eight of them! Here's the Cliffs Notes version of the parts of speech: 

  • Nouns name people, places, things, or ideas. 
  • Pronouns take the place of nouns. 
  • Verbs name actions or states of being. 
  • Adjectives modify nouns. 
  • Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.
  • Prepositions show the relationship between a noun or a pronoun (object of the preposition) and the rest of the sentence. 
  • Conjunctions connect words, phrases, or clauses. 
  • Interjections are words that show emotion and are not grammatically connected to the rest of the sentence.

4. The Parts of a Sentence Grammar Quiz

This grammar quiz on the parts of a sentence will test your knowledge of simple and complete subjects and predicates as well as verb phrases, direct objects, prepositional phrases, and more.

Tip: Along with knowing what to study for a grammar test (or any test), it's also important to know how to study. Most people spend time preparing for tests doing the wrong things, but there are a couple of simple changes you can make that will help you study faster and remember things longer. Check out our tips for grammar test preparation here

Two Advanced Grammar Quizzes/Tests

5. General Grammar Test

This general grammar test will test your knowledge of a little bit of everything: the parts of speech, clauses, phrases, what sentences are made of, and even a little bit about punctuation. (You can also take this quiz as an interactive Google quiz. Fun!) You will find tons of helpful tips and information in the answer section, so be sure to check it out!

6. 1912 Grammar Test for 8th Graders

This grammar test was given to eighth graders in 1912. When you read it, you'll find that it's pretty clear  grammar instruction has fallen by the wayside in most schools compared to what used to be. You'll probably be pretty shocked at how difficult this test seems. While I don't have a copy of the "official" answers, I did include my answers as well as lessons and links to help you! 

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Start Basic Sentence Diagramming

Sentence diagramming is a way to show how the words in a sentence are related. Learning diagramming will help you to learn grammar, and you might be surprised to find out that it's kind of fun too. If you're a teacher, you might want to learn more about bringing sentence diagramming into your classroom.

Sentence Diagram
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Other Helpful Resources

  • This advanced grammar quiz is an 18-page PDF file that has the answers included. (Note that this link opens in new window on the San Jose State University website.)