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The Parts of a Sentence Quiz

Use these parts of a sentence grammar quizzes to test yourself or your students on simple subjects and simple predicates, verb phrases, direct objects, and more!

Here is a tiny lesson on sentences to get your mind working!
A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought.

Every sentence is made up of at least two parts:

1. A subject (someone or something)

2. A predicate (what the someone or something is being or doing)

These Two Grammar Quizzes Cover...

Quiz 1. Labeling the Subjects & Predicates

Directions: Label the part of sentence for the words in bold. Use these labels:

simple subject, complete subject, simple predicate, complete predicate

1. I drove to my sister's house.

2. My sister and I are planning a trip to Costa Rica.

3. Everyone enduring a Minnesotan winter wants a trip to Costa Rica.

4. San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica.

5. While there, we plan on hiking and swimming.

Quiz 2. Identify the Parts of a Sentence

Directions: Identify the parts of a sentence asked for.

Example: Find the prepositional phrase.
  • We'll be at the neighbor's house.
Answer: prepositional phrase = at the neighbor's house

1. Find the simple subject.

  • My favorite shirt is in the wash.

2. Find the direct objects.

  • Whenever my sister and mom visit, we bake banana bread and oatmeal cookies.

3. Find the dependent clause (also called a subordinate clause).

  • Because it is ridiculously cold outside, I must wear my long underwear underneath my jeans.

4. Find the simple subjects.

  • Unless you go to the store and buy some milk, we won't be able to make cookies.

5. Find the complete subject.

  • This red and yellow flower is the prettiest flower that I have ever seen!

6. Find the prepositional phrases.

  • Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go.

7. Find the independent clause.

  • I always feel exulted when I stand at the edge of the ocean.

8. Find the verb phrase.

  • On Monday, we will be flying to a tropical wonderland.

9. Find the indirect object.

  • Please make me dinner tonight.

10. Find the complete predicate.

  • I love learning grammar.

The Parts of a Sentence - Grammar Quizzes Answers

Quiz 1. Labeling the Subjects & Predicates: Answers

1. drove to my sister's house = complete predicate

2. My sister and I = complete subject

3. wants = simple predicate

4. San Jose = simple subject

5. While there... plan on hiking and swimming = complete predicate

Quiz 2. Identify the Parts of a Sentence Answers

1. Simple Subject = shirt

2. Direct Objects = banana bread, oatmeal cookies

3. Dependent Clause = Because it is ridiculously cold outside

4. Simple Subjects = you, we

5. Complete Subject = This red and yellow flower

6. Prepositional Phrases = over the river, through the woods, to Grandmother's house

7. Independent Clause = I always feel exulted

8. Verb Phrase = will be flying

9. Indirect Object = me

10. Complete Predicate = love learning grammar

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