Use Our Resources To Teach & Learn Grammar

Hello! I'm Elizabeth O'Brien, and my goal is to get you jazzed about grammar.

Use Our Resources To 
Teach & Learn Grammar

The Get Smart Grammar Program

  • I want to teach grammar and diagramming to beginners.
  • I want to learn grammar and diagramming, and I'm a beginner.
Get Smart grammar program

Teach or learn grammar and sentence diagramming with these videos, written lessons, and exercises. You don't need to know any grammar to get started with this program.

You get lifetime digital access to the videos, lessons, and exercises.

Learn more and see samples here.

Home-Based $99

School-Based, Per Teacher $149
  • Softcover books are available for people who purchase the digital license above. The books are printed and bound versions of all of the downloadable lessons. The student workbooks are $12 (plus shipping) and the instructor book is $18 (plus shipping). You'll be able to order these after your initial purchase of the program above. 
  • The school version includes a username and password for students to access the student materials online. Prices are per teacher for the length of the teacher's career.

Over 1,632 Sold

We also accept checks and purchase orders. Contact us here to learn more.

Money-Back Guarantee


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The Sentence Diagramming Exercises Book

  • My students need to review grammar and learn sentence diagramming.
  • I need a grammar refresher, and I'd like to learn sentence diagramming.
Sentence Diagramming Exercises

This book of sentence diagramming exercises gives you an introduction to sentence diagramming. You'll get a grammar refresher and learn how to diagram sentences.

It includes short lessons and sentence diagramming exercises that start with the basics.

Learn more here.

Digital Ebook $19

Softcover Book $25

Over 3,221 Sold

We also accept checks and purchase orders. Contact us here to learn more.

Money-Back Guarantee


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The Stay Smart Books

  • My students already understand grammar and know how to diagram sentences. I'd like something that will help them keep their skills sharp.
  • I already know grammar and diagramming, and I'd like to keep my skills sharp.
Stay Smart grammar program

Keep your grammar and sentence diagramming skills sharp. You'll find 188 interesting sentences to diagram.

The workbook leaves space to write answers, and the answer key contains all of the answers!

Learn more here.

Digital Ebooks $39
 Answer Key & Workbook

Softcover Books $49
1 Answer Key & 1 Wor

Extra Softcover Workbook $12

Over 792 Sold

We also accept checks and purchase orders. Contact us here to learn more.

Money-Back Guarantee


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The Sentence Diagramming Reference Manual

  • I'd like a quick way to look up grammar terms and sentence diagramming structures. 

This reference tool will make sure that you always know how to structure your sentence diagrams.

It gives you short, simple explanations and easy-to-use diagrams of everything you could want to diagram, and it is organized in alphabetical order.

Learn more here.

Digital Ebook $19

Softcover Book $25

Over 1,134 Sold

We also accept checks and purchase orders. Contact us here to learn more.

Money-Back Guarantee


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 Writing & Grammar Challenge  

I want to learn how to make my writing more interesting.

I want to teach my students tools for better writing.

9th Grade-Adult

Grammar & Writing PLUS (Interactive 6-Week Challenge)

  • Lifetime Access to Content
  • 30 Downloadable PDF Lessons (The lessons will be revealed one each weekday from October 4-November 12. We will move through the lessons together.)
  • Assignments for Each Lesson (You'll be writing at least three of your own sentences based on the concepts covered in each lesson.)
  • Example Answers for Each Lesson
  • Videos for each lesson! 
  • Accountability (Ability to Interact With Me & Other Participants*)

* This will happen in a private forum (not Facebook). You can ask questions, share homework, get feedback, and gather inspiration. It will be great!

Grammar & Writing (Not Interactive)

  • Instant Lifetime Access to Content
  • 30 Downloadable PDF Lessons (No videos)
  • Assignments for Each Lesson (You'll be writing at least three your own sentences based on the concepts covered in each lesson.)
  • Example Answers for Each Lesson 

Smart Punctuation Course 

I want to learn the rules of punctuation. 

I want to teach the rules of punctuation.

Read more about this course here.

See a sample lesson here.
  • 20 Blank Student PDF Lessons
  • 20 PDF Instructor Answer Keys
  • Lifetime Digital Access

7th Graders - Adults

Learn and apply the rules for correct punctuation. Each lesson contains rules for common punctuation marks along with exercises to help you apply what you learn. 

Home-Based Digital Access $27

School-Based Digital Access (Per Teacher) $37

Over 160 Sold

Money-Back Guarantee



Grammar Revolution (A Feature-Length Documentary)

This movie will change the way you think about grammar. Join David and Elizabeth O'Brien as they travel around the country and explore the world of grammar and grammar instruction.

Featuring Noam Chomsky, Bryan Garner, Grammar Girl, Steven Pinker, and more!

Why is grammar a controversial subject? Why has it faded out of many schools? Hear from teachers, students, grammarians, CEOs, and linguists, and discover why grammar is an important subject that needs to be reconsidered, reconceived, and revived.

This movie helps teachers meet the grade 11-12 Common Core English Language Arts Standards. (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.11-12.1.A, CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.11-12.1.B, CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.11-12.3)

"...enriching and energizing."

"...more comprehensive, thought-provoking, and inspiring than I could have ever imagined."

"If you have any interest in language, education, or the state of today's culture, I think you'll find this documentary insightful and inspiring!"

Stream the movie free from YouTube here.
Purchase a downloadable version the movie online through Vimeo at

Purchase a DVD below.

Documentary DVD $12

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Refund & Guarantee Policies

Digital EBooks & Courses

We are committed to helping you learn and love grammar. We don't like receiving money from people who aren't happy with what they get. That's why we offer a 30-day guarantee on all ebooks and courses. If, after having your ebooks or courses for 30 days, you aren't happy with them for any reason, we'll pay you back. Contact us, and we'll refund 100% of your Grammar Revolution payment.

Softcover Books

We also offer a 30-day guarantee on softcover books shipped within the USA. Please note that if you would like to return physical books, we do not cover the cost to ship the books back to us.

Grammar Revolution
PO Box 2250
Stillwater, MN 55082

Once we receive the books, we'll issue you a refund of your purchase. Thank you!

I look forward to helping you learn and love grammar.


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My students are enjoying the Get Smart program so much. Thanks for developing such a fun and exciting way to learn grammar. I never knew I could enjoy teaching this so much!

-  Ann, Classroom Teacher

We are currently on lesson 10 and my children's confidence level has increased immensely!

- Jennifer, Homeschooling Mom

I used your program with my eighth grade students, and they topped out with the highest ELA scores in the district. 

- Cristina, Classroom Teacher

One of my pupils who most struggles with grammar has really turned a corner after watching some of your videos that accompany the Get Smart series. I don't think I've seen her have such a broad grin on her face in an English class as I did last Tuesday!

- Martin, Classroom Teacher

Like many, I adore your program. I have a BA in English, an MA in Psychology, and am a certified TEFL instructor. Yet NONE of those marvelous programs taught me grammar!
Thank you, Elizabeth. My students, by the way, also adore your program!

- Michelle, Adult ESL Teacher

I love your program!! I am using the videos to help teach my students note taking strategies as well. It has been fun to watch them grow in confidence in grammar and note taking!

- Amy, Classroom Teacher

We used your sentence diagramming program last year, and my son LOVED it.

- Gretchen, Homeschooler

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! I'm 47 years old and have begun to understand grammar for the first time! I have a college degree and feel more comfortable, helping my 4 girls with school than ever before!

- Christine, Parent

I love and value your program! [Get Smart] I teach at an all ELL secondary school and the online + video/visual has been invaluable for these students! Thank you for making this possible.

- Diane, Teacher

Your simple explanations about the seemingly complex English language have been wonderful for my students who did not "get" it. My students (most diagnosed with "serious" issues) can identify verbs/subject/object in sentences easily and verbalize why these are important in language.

- Astrid, Tutor

I love, love what you do for us teachers!

- Pat, Teacher

I am a TESOL instructor, and although I know when a sentence isn't right, I couldn't explain why.   Teaching grammar was my biggest fear about starting this career. You have helped so much in reducing that fear!

- Sue, TESOL Teacher

I just want to say how wonderful we think this grammar curriculum is. My son and I have been working through it. It's so easy to follow, and we love your teaching style. We would love to see you put out a high school writing curriculum or other lang arts curriculum. (-:

- Laura, Homeschooler

My students love diagramming and are learning so much. Thank you for your inspiration and instruction.

- Destiny, Teacher

My freshman class has excelled using your method!

- Chuck, Classroom Teacher

I am loving the Get Smart program! My eighth graders are grasping grammar better than I've ever seen. I intend to continue using this every year!

- Ann, Classroom Teacher

I really want to thank you so much for all of your help! I'm learning so much that I'm smiling and feeling confident in myself now. I'm beginning to believe that anything is possible.

- Regina

We ordered all of your books, and we are loving them! My 12 year old son is racing through the lessons in the Get Smart program. He loves sentence diagramming. Thanks for making grammar fun and interesting.

- Denise, Homeschooler

Thank you for the wonderful way in which you teach this material. Everyone is enjoying it, having fun, and learning at the same time. Yeah!

- Maria, Mom

[Get Smart] is easy to use, and any time I can get kids and teens interested and saying, "This is fun!" when we diagram, I'm thrilled!

- Christie, Homeschool Co-op Teacher

I gave my regular ESL class yesterday, and I knew how to answer a question about dependent clauses and another about participles being used as adjectives. This was in my more advanced class. Hurray! Thanks.

- Lana, ESL Teacher

Our family continues to enjoy your grammar program, and I am so thankful for such a fun and interesting way to learn grammar.

- Cate, Homeschooler

Thank you! My boys are really understanding grammar this year. It's helping them so much with writing correct sentences in all of their other subjects.

- Maria, Parent

I am teaching a grammar class using your curriculum, and I'm loving it! The kids are doing so well, and I'm learning a bunch too! Thank you so much for your curriculum!

- Jen, Teacher

No one teaches grammar like
you do!

- Lisa, Homeschooler

I went to school in England, and we never learned sentence diagramming. It has been one of the best discoveries of my writing life. Prior to using your program, grammar confounded me.

- Val

I'm so grateful for your lessons.

- Miriam

I love your program. It's the first organized, consistent, build-on-what's-previously-learned, age-appropriate grammar program
that I've seen. My kids get a big kick out of showing their work on the Smartboard.

- Susan, Classroom Teacher

I just recently purchased the home-based Get Smart program. I wanted to check it out to see if it would be a good thing for me and I love it! I have never diagrammed sentences before and it's quite a bit of fun.

- Stephanie

I am so grateful to have received your books. They are so easy to
learn with, I never imagined it could be this interesting.

- Karen

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how great your program is. My boys are 9 and 11 and they never complain to do their grammar home study because they LOVE you so much! They enjoy your videos and are "getting it". They are really "getting it"!

- Kim, Homeschooler

I am working through your e book and it is absolutely fantastic.

- Nigel

My kids and I love your materials! Your Get Smart diagramming course has truly revolutionized grammar learning for my kids. Thank you again for writing an awesome curriculum that makes grammar easy to grasp and fun at the same time.

- Shannon, Homeschool Mom