Diagram Sentences

Are you looking for a way to make grammar fun?

Are you unsure of the value of teaching grammar? 

Watch the two videos below! These short clips are excerpts from the feature-length documentary Grammar Revolution. 

You can watch the full movie here if you'd like. 

My students are fighting over who gets to diagram the sentence on the board when they walk into the classroom. It is a joy to see. 

- Tracy, Classroom Teacher

I could not figure out how prepositional phrases could function as adverbs, adjectives, or nouns. I referenced your website and quickly learned how to diagram them, which produced instant clarity. Thank you so much! 

- Idora 

Here are some resources that will
help you learn how to diagram sentences.

  • Diagramming quotes is always fun. Here are some famous quotes that you can check out. 

I teach 10th grade English, and I didn't get grammar at all growing up. I was scared of it. Teaching it now is terrifying for me, but diagramming is helping so much, so I am teaching it to my students. 

Thank you for inspiring me to love grammar and to feel more confident.

Megan, High School English Teacher

"Elizabeth, I have a class of fifth graders who just can't get enough of sentence diagramming! Thanks for the resource." 

 - Jennifer, 5th Grade Teacher

I've been working through the diagramming lessons with my son for some time. We do a page or two each morning at breakfast before he heads off to school. I cannot tell you how much it has helped his English grammar knowledge! THANK YOU for that!!! 

- Shaun, Parent

The Beginner's Guide to Grammar gives you a fun and visual way to get started with grammar and sentence diagramming. Yay!

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