The Exclamatory Sentence

You Will Love These!

An exclamatory sentence expresses strong emotion, and it ends with an exclamation mark (! <--- one of these things).

You might use it to show anger, confusion, love, happiness, or any other boisterous emotion.

I say boisterous because you probably wouldn't use an exclamation mark to show peace, calm, or shyness. These kinds of sentences are the party animals of sentence types.

No, you cannot dye the dog's hair! (anger)

I don't want to go to Grandma's house! (frustration)

I scored three goals at the soccer game! (happiness)

I love you! (love)

We're going to Hawaii! (elation)

Don't Overuse Them

I admit it. I overuse exclamation marks.

But, it's only because I love how exciting, happy, and friendly they can make sentences sound.

I do most of my communicating online, and written communication can lack voice and personality.

Because of this, I sometimes show my extreme excitement for grammar and life in general through the use of way! too! many! exclamation points!

Psst... Don't ever punctuate your writing like that. It's not legit. Exclamation marks only go after interjections or at the end of complete sentences.

The truth is that you should avoid using too many exclamation marks, especially if you are writing a formal paper.

Sentence Diagramming

Have you ever diagrammed a sentence? Sentence diagrams give us a way to show the structure of sentences.

They make the relationships between the words visual.

One cool thing about sentence diagrams is that they don't show any end punctuation.

Because of this, you won't see the exclamation point in a sentence diagram, and exclamatory sentences look exactly the same as statements (sentences ending with periods).

You will love diagramming sentences!

I washed the dishes after I ate breakfast!

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