Henry David Thoreau Quotes
+ Sentence Diagrams

Henry David Thoreau has many great quotes. Let's diagram one of them!

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams."

(you) = subject (pronoun)

Go = verb (intransitive complete) 

confidently = adverb 

in the direction = prepositional phrase (adverb) 

in = preposition

direction = noun (object of the preposition)

the = adjective 

of your dreams = prepositional phrase (adjective)

of = preposition

dreams = noun (object of the preposition) 

your = adjective

"Live the life you have imagined."

(you) = subject (pronoun)

Live = verb (transitive active)

life = noun (direct object)

the = adjective

(that) you have imagined = dependent adjective clause

you = subject of dependent adjective clause (pronoun)

have imagined = verb phrase of dependent adjective clause

(that) = implied direct object (relative pronoun introducing dependent adjective clause)

I hope you enjoyed diagramming those quotes. 

The Beginner's Guide to Grammar gives you a fun and visual way to get started with grammar and sentence diagramming. Yay!

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