Demystifying Grammar: Making Grammar Fun Through Sentence Diagramming

Demystifying Grammar:
Making Grammar Fun
Through Sentence Diagramming

Grammar. The word alone strikes fear into the hearts of many people. Grammar can seem like a complicated, boring topic that is a burden to teach and to learn. But, it doesn't have to be that way.

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Video Bookmarks 

Introduction 0:00-2:24

My Story 2:45-5:54

The Value of Diagramming 5:54-8:05

First Impressions of a Sentence Diagram 8:05-11:00

The Basics of Sentences & Diagrams 11:00-16:32

Parts of Speech 16:32-End

In this video lecture, you'll learn the powerful, overarching framework of our language and you'll see how that framework makes language simple, accessible, and fun. We'll go over what this framework is, and we'll use sentence diagrams to make it visual and interesting. 

After watching this lecture, you'll possess a powerful framework for understanding grammar...and you might even enjoy yourself. :) 

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