Get Smart Sample Lesson

Lesson 29: Dependent Clauses
(Adjective Clauses)

This sample is one of the more advanced lessons in the Get Smart Grammar Program. If you're new to grammar, this lesson will cover things you haven't learned yet. Trust that all of the concepts referenced have been covered in earlier lessons, and if you go through the program in order, you'll understand everything here. :)

After you watch the video lesson, complete the exercises found in the student lesson below. Check your answers using the instructor lesson.

Written Lesson, Exercises, & Answers

How did it go?

If you appreciated the depth and clarity of this lesson, you should join us! Here's what a few people using Get Smart have had to say:

I am totally hooked. I'm up to lesson 10 on prepositional phrases, and I'm progressing in leaps and bounds. Honestly the program has been worth every penny. Talk about confidence boosting for my TEFL course! Thank you. It is exactly what I needed!

- Jim

My students are enjoying the Get Smart program so much. Thanks for developing such a fun and exciting way to learn grammar. I never knew I could enjoy teaching this so much!

-  Ann, Classroom Teacher

The explanations are delightfully clear and concise and your enthusiasm is contagious!  We are honestly ENJOYING grammar! Yay! 

- Pam, Homeschooler