Writing and Grammar PLUS Upgrade

Writing and Grammar PLUS Upgrade :)

Hello! Would you like to upgrade to the Writing & Grammar PLUS version? Here are the main differences:

  • Videos for each lesson (I have decided to include a video for each lesson! I may add these to the non-plus version at some point, but I haven't quite decided yet.) You can see the welcome video below. :) 
  • Accountability (We'll move through one lesson each weekday for 6 weeks, starting October 4) 
  • Feedback (Share your sentences in the private forum, and I'll give you feedback.) 

Here's the welcome video. I hope you'll join us!

9th Grade-Adult

Upgrade to Grammar & Writing PLUS (Interactive 6-Week Challenge)

  • Lifetime Access to Content
  • 30 Downloadable PDF Lessons (The lessons will be revealed one each weekday from October 4-November 12. We will move through the lessons together.)
  • Assignments for Each Lesson (You'll be writing at least three of your own sentences based on the concepts covered in each lesson.)
  • Example Answers for Each Lesson
  • Videos for each lesson! 
  • Accountability (Ability to Interact With Me & Other Participants*)

* This will happen in a private forum (not Facebook). You can ask questions, share homework, get feedback, and gather inspiration. It will be great!

UPGRADE TO Grammar & Writing PLUS (Interactive 6-Week Challenge) $49

Doors Close October 3. 

I hope that you'll join us!

:) Elizabeth

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We start Monday, October 4.