Let's diagram a sentence together! We don't talk about Bruno.

Let's diagram a sentence together!
We don't talk about Bruno.

Today, we're diagramming a sentence from a Disney song. 

We don't talk about Bruno.

If you already know how to diagram, try diagramming that sentence before you peek at the answer below.

When you scroll down, you'll also find a key that tells you about each word in the sentence and links to a lesson about that concept. That way, you can easily learn more if you'd like. 

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Let's look at the diagram.

"We don't talk about Bruno" sentence diagram

We don't talk about Bruno. = simple sentence, statement

We subject, pronoun 

do talk = verb phrase 

do = helping verb

talk = main verb (intransitive complete

n't = adverb modifying do talk

about Bruno = prepositional phrase, adverb modifying do talk

about = preposition

Bruno = object of the preposition, noun

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Disney song sentence diagram
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